New Consultant Training

Welcome to your new Rodan and Fields business and your first step to creating the life of your dreams! Remember, the MOST important ingredient for success is belief. If you truly believe that you CAN create the life of your dreams, and that this business can be the vehicle for you to do that, you will be successful.

It’s important to note that this business is simple, but it’s not easy. This is not an overnight get rich quick scheme – if it were, everyone would be doing it! Just like starting any business it will take work, tenacity and grit to build something truly life changing. You may feel in the first few months or even year that you are underpaid for the amount of work you put in, but we PROMISE you that if you stay coachable, confident and consistent, it will switch. Eventually you can find yourself being overpaid for the amount of time it takes to run this business and you can achieve not only the financial flexibility but the time freedom that is so rare in the workforce these days. So ask yourself – are you willing to put your head down and work REALLY hard for 3-5 years, knowing that you can build an income that could take 35 years to achieve working your way up the corporate ladder? If so, keep reading.

We run our training on a matched efforts basis. This means your upline leader will put as much effort into you as you put into your business. For the first 30 days you should be in touch with your upline DAILY asking questions and learning how to run your virtual franchise. If your leader doesn’t hear from you, you won’t hear from them. We are not here to do your business for you or to hold your hand, but are absolutely here to equip you with the tools you need to run your business on your own, and the advice and support to help you succeed! Set your goals early on and discuss them with your upline. Make them clear and ask for feedback on whether they are realistic, and what it will take to achieve them. Having a clear roadmap to your destination is the best way to get there!

It’s time to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Time to put your excuses aside. Turn your “I cant’s” into “what ifs”. Be ready to be pushed out of your comfort zone, but be excited for the amount of personal growth that comes with this business! Get ready to accomplish more than you ever thought you could, and to be rewarded for your achievements more than you ever have with any company!!

Keep in mind it is up to you how fast you reach your goal. Picture your goal at the end of a long highway. You can drive in the fast lane the whole time, you can drive in the slow lane, or you can pull off the highway and stop and take breaks. The momentum you build will determine how quickly you get to your destination, and you can absolutely switch “lanes” throughout your journey. Just remember, forward is forward so even if life changes and you can’t put in as much effort as you like, consistency is key and doing little bits (aka driving in the slow lane) will still be moving you towards your goal! Our biggest piece of advice is to learn to enjoy the journey, don’t obsess over the outcome, and be patient. Have trust that you are working hard and it will pay off. Believe. Succeed. Repeat.

Welcome to your first week in business

Social media, events, creating your list, training calls and customer orders

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Reachouts, your WHY, Product knowledge and goal-setting

Keep going!

The system and three way calls, objections, and weekly organization

Believe, Succeed, Repeat

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