Existing Consultant Training Videos

Here you will find miscellaneous training videos on some important topics in our business. Remember to always be in contact with your upline, and to utilize all the resources in the Biz Development Library (myrfpulse.com), Communications corner (myrfpulse.com – for all marketing materials and shareable graphics), and RF Connection (rodanandfields.com/rfconnection – for all product related information).

Social Media Training

Events and Creating your list

How to talk to people when you first get started

Reaching out to your network

Customer orders (PC vs. Retail)

Your WHY

Product Knowledge

Goal Setting

Assessing your goals – Goal setting part 2

Soft calls, Three way calls and “The System”

If “The System” isn’t working for you

Handling Objections

How to Stay Organized

Compensation and “The Buckets”

Customer Service