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Here you will find some information to help make your decision about whether or not this company is a good fit for you. Everyone who joins this business has a different reason for joining and there is no cookie cutter consultant. Our team ranges from stay at home moms who want to contribute to family income, to dentists who own their own practice and see a great business opportunity for a residual income stream. We have lawyers who would love to cut back working hours but don’t want the pay cut, and students who want to earn an income but need to dedicate most of their time to their studies. Whether you are looking to make a couple hundred extra dollars a month or replace or even exceed a full time salary, you truly have the potential to build whatever you are looking for with this company.

Below you will hear Stephanie tell the story about the background of the company, and her personal success story since she joined the company in March 2015. You also will hear from Katrina Vagg, one of our top Australian leaders who has grown one of the largest teams in Australia since the company launched there in September 2017. The fourth video is the doctors themselves being interviewed on MSNBC and gives you insight as to why they decided to ditch retail stores like Nordstrom and go into this sales channel! Lastly, while we have had millions of unpaid press mentions, we chose a few of our favourite articles to showcase the brand and give you some insight as to just how reputable our company really is.

When looking at whether or not this is something you could see yourself doing, there are some important facts to note.
  • We are not required to host home parties
  • We do not carry inventory
  • There are no minimum monthly purchases or sales quotas to be met
  • Any Consultant can cancel their consultantship at any time, and have 60 days to be fully refunded on any products purchased (even if the bottles are empty) which means you can try the business and the products for a full two months. If you don’t love either – you aren’t out anything! This makes the opportunity truly risk free – no strings attached.


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